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Our Support Guide

At CourseLogix we take pride in our world-class personalized support.  Our clients rave about our support, and this guide will allow us to deliver the best personalized support to our clients.

Emergencies - If your website is ever down or it's a critical time senstive matter, please call or text Bay Paul.  In order for us to deliver the level of support, phone and text is only reserved for emergencies.  Email allows us to organize our support/training requests.  

Schedule Training - We offer world class unlimited free training to all our clients.  To request training, please email with Course Name in title and your training areas in the body.  Please also list days/times with time zone you are available in the body.

Web Edits - Since we provide personalized training for free, we do expect our clients to handle their day to day website edits.  This includes pop ups, events calendar, rates, food & beverage menu updates.  These are all time sensitive items and clients should be able to make these edits.   All other advanced edits, questions, please email  All edit request typically can take up to 48 hours with exeption to requests recieved on weekends.  In some cases, large edits, can take longer.


Video Tutorials

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